25th April 2018

Why Choose a Bespoke Propane Fireplace?

For centuries, bespoke fireplaces have kept us warm and cosy during those long, cold nights. In fact, we’ve shared our favourite stories in front of a beautiful roaring fire. However, traditional wood-burning hearths can sometimes prove to be challenging in terms of installation and upkeep.

Fortunately, thanks to innovation, you can now have a comfortable and warm space without the required maintenance of a wood-burning fireplace. Say hello to propane fireplaces.

Propane fireplaces have become the top alternative to traditional wood-burning units. They provide all the benefits of a wood-burning unit but with less effort and maintenance.

Below are the top advantages of why you need your own propane fireplace.

Propane Fireplaces are Cheaper to Operate

If your home is already running on propane, then both installation and maintenance will be hassle-free. Otherwise, the initial cost of a propane fireplace could be a bit higher compared to electric and other kinds of fireplaces.

However, this is a lot cheaper over time than purchasing wood and even less expensive than most electric fireplaces, which can drive up your house’s energy bill. In other words, propane fireplaces will greatly outweigh their competition in the long run since propane is also among the most efficient heating sources.

propane bespoke fireplaces

Propane Efficiency

Propane bespoke fireplaces tend to burn 40x as long as traditional wood-burning fireplaces, with other models producing up to 5x to 6x more heating capacity than electric units. It only requires less fuel in order to produce the same heat compared with natural gas.

propane bespoke fireplaces

Convenience of Propane Fireplaces

Aside from being efficient and economical, propane units help create peace of mind. You only need to push a button for it to start since most propane fireplaces come with remote control, which offers features like button ignition and variable thermostats, and heat control.

There’s no need for hauling wood, chopping them, and storing them nor tending to the fire. This is comfort without any hassle. Also, these units can practically be installed anywhere so long as there is space for a propane tank.

propane bespoke fireplaces

Propane Fireplaces are Easy to Maintain

With propane units, you don’t need to constantly add varying sizes of logs. Then, when the fire has gone out, you are not left with soot, which has to be immediately cleaned after every use.

The only parts you do have to clean can be easily found, especially when you follow the detailed instructions from the manual.

No Chimney

There are certain models of propane fireplaces that don’t require a chimney. Hence, you won’t have to worry about additional masonry or installation expenses.

propane bespoke fireplaces

In Summary

A propane fireplace is

  • warmer and consistent than electric heat
  • can power most household appliances
  • a green fuel
  • help save you money on the monthly energy bill
  • economical, efficient, and versatile
  • readily available
  • convenient to store and use
  • safe
  • an affordable, safe and comfortable alternative to wood or electric units

Propane bespoke fireplaces are available in a wide variety of options, from inserts replacing your wood furnace to stand-alone units you can place anywhere in your home.

Contact us for a quote on our bespoke fireplaces today, available in luxury contemporary designs. See how we can tailor our services to create a fireplace that’s entirely unique to your home.


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