Design Consultation

Our Design Consultants are available to discuss your project in detail, provide design advice and make initial feasibility comments. Based on the information supplied we would put together cost indications along with an overview of the technical requirements for the specification in question. Face-to-face consultations can be arranged with a Design Consultant to undertake a site survey, liaise with contractors and other involved parties regarding necessary preparation work and discuss design elements in more detail.

We can also arrange to meet you at our new showroom space in North London – this is by appointment only.

3D Visualisation

Visualising how a fireplace will ultimately look is not always easy. To assist in the decision making process, we are able to provide scaled drawings and 3D visuals to give an idea of how different concepts will look in the space in question.

Project Management & Installation

Each project that we undertake is entirely managed in-house by our Project Managers whose role is to liaise with contractors, architects, designers and the factory to ensure a smooth process from design to installation. Project Managers provide installation drawings, builders preparation work schedule and ensure that there is good interface between all parties and contractors involved. Fireplace installations can be undertaken by our installers overseen by the Project Manager and by keeping everything in-house we are able to ensure the most professional service and the best final product.

Want to discuss a project?