1st February 2024

Top 5 Bespoke Fireplace Designs

close up shot of 2600 bespoke fireplace

With an illustrious three-decade legacy as trailblazers in the realm of British fireplace design, the Modus Fireplaces team has been graced with the privilege of crafting exquisite bespoke fireplaces of unparalleled distinction. 

In our unwavering pursuit of transcending the ordinary, we present a curated selection of our top 5 bespoke fireplace marvels:

Conical Bronze Elegance

A true marvel of artistry, the Conical Bronze bespoke fireplace is a singular suspended masterpiece. It unfurls from the ceiling with a suspended conical canopy, hovering gracefully over a distinctive granite stone base. 

The base, meticulously sculpted to mimic the raw contours of a natural rock face, harbours a highly polished disc that captures and reflects the mesmerizing dance of flickering flames. 

conical bronze suspended fireplace in living area

This bespoke masterpiece is crowned with a bespoke metal coating, bestowing upon it a profound aged brass allure. 

The gas fire within boasts a pyramid flame burner, complemented by ceramic logs and coals that evoke an authentic firepit ambience. 

This resplendent bespoke fireplace commands attention from all angles, transcending its role as a mere source of warmth to become a year-round, sculpted work of art.

W-Hotel’s Leicester Square FireTube

Conceived as the centrepiece of the W-Hotel’s bar, this fully customized fireplace marries design, elegance, and an abundance of glass to create a captivating focal point that harmoniously blends with its surroundings. 

wide shot of w hotel bespoke fireplace

Functionality and safety were paramount in this public space, leading to the creation of a glass firetube comprised of two halves that can be effortlessly hinged open for cleaning and maintenance. 

Ensconced behind glass for the safety of patrons, the fire casts its enchanting spell, drawing crowds to bask in its welcoming warmth and cozy ambience.

The 2.5m Linefire

 To infuse grandeur into a vast expanse, a 2.5-meter-wide bespoke fireplace takes centre stage, flanked by custom decorative side panels and a floating stone-clad shelf. 

side angle shot of 2.5 flame bespoke fireplace

This resplendent creation casts its long, dancing flames into the room, imparting a year-round allure and a comforting ambience. 

Crafted to harmonize seamlessly with a Scandinavian aesthetic, the addition of blue steel side panels and the ethereal floating shelf lends depth and character to this bespoke fireplace, elevating it into a work of art.

The 360 Island Fireplace

Gracing the residents’ lounge at the opulent White City residences in London, this bespoke four-sided fireplace design beckons with its 360-degree spectacle of fire. The towering canopy, adorned with tiles, reaches skyward to the lofty six-meter-high ceiling.

This captivating bespoke fireplace bestows warmth and timeless ambience upon guests throughout the year.

wide shot of 360 gala island bespoke fireplace

The 8m Linefire

Marking a triumph in engineering and design, the 8-meter-long, double-sided bespoke fireplace stands as a testament to Modus Fireplaces’ audacious creativity.

This colossal marvel of fire requires not one but three separate extraction flue systems and necessitates the services of a crane for its intricate on-site assembly.

Beyond its mesmerizing length, it represents an engineering masterpiece, seamlessly melding form and function.

wide shot of linefire bespoke fireplace

At Modus Fireplaces, we are experts in the realm of crafting bespoke fireplaces.

Our relentless pursuit of pushing the boundaries of fireplace design through the incorporation of novel materials and the creation of singular, bespoke fireplace designs sets us apart.

If you are interested in discussing your bespoke fireplace requirements with one of our Design Consultants, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact Modus Fireplaces and speak to a design consultant to see how we can create one of these centrepiece fireplaces in your home.