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Are Electric Luxury Fireplaces a Good Investment?

Luxury Fireplaces
luxury fireplaces

If you were planning on getting a supplement heating unit for your home just before the cold winter creeps in, electric luxury fireplaces are one of your choices, which features many benefits for the homeowner. If you’re considering your options whether an electric unit would be the ideal addition to your home, then check out […]

Propane Bespoke Fireplaces: The Economical Fuel for Your Home

propane bespoke fireplaces

For centuries, bespoke fireplaces have kept us warm and cosy during those long, cold nights. In fact, we’ve shared our favourite stories in front of a beautiful roaring fire. However, traditional wood-burning hearths could sometimes prove to be challenging in terms of installation and upkeep. Fortunately, thanks to innovation, you can now have a comfortable […]

Why You Need Additional Designer Fireplaces

Bespoke fireplace
designer fireplaces

Are you planning a spring or summer home improvement project? What better way to focus your energy than adding another fireplace to your home? Designer fireplaces are as popular as they have been, and a second one for your home is all the rage right now. A reason to consider having an additional fireplace is […]

5 Features of Outdoor Bespoke Fireplaces

Bespoke fireplace
bespoke fireplaces

Upgrade the look of your outdoor space by adding a fireplace. Not only is it an additional focal point to the landscape, but also it lends a cosy, welcoming ambience, which is ideal for family or intimate gatherings. Outdoor bespoke fireplaces can also be used on other ways—from providing an atmosphere and warmth to an […]