Modus Fireplaces

Custom-made Fireplace As Home Centrepiece

2The Entertainment Space

Bless your home with comforting warmth and stunning centrepiece by obtaining custom-made fireplaces. These designs offer style statement in your property without going too overboard with the layout. Here are some fireplaces ideas that will surely fit your current home scheme. From stylishly simple to contemporary designs, these fireplaces will leave you wanting to get […]

Fireplaces As Modern Home Centrepiece

The Leather-base

Change is definitely good, especially when it comes to interior home design. Fireplaces, being one of the most popular centrepieces of all time, are also evolving into something more than just a simple hole in the wall. So if you want your home centrepiece to be fully functional aside from looking good, definitely check out […]

Why Luxury Fireplaces Are Becoming A Big Thing

4The free-standing piece

Fireplaces, aside form being a part of daily living for most home owners, is also becoming a piece of modern functional art. From their luxurious glamour and high-end features, it’s not really much of a mystery why people dream of obtaining one. May it be for practical or stylish reasons, one thing is for sure; […]

Gorgeous Fireplaces For a Trendy Home


Lighten up your home with a highly efficient fireplace unit. If you’re looking for the latest and trendiest designs, then you’ve come to the right place! Browse through some of our fireplace designs and choose the one that will seamlessly fit your style and taste. The Cosy Feature A simple yet stylish double sided fireplace […]

Bespoke Fireplaces To Flawlessly Fit Your Home


These highly proficient bespoke fireplace collection offers high heat output and supreme heat efficiency, with ground-breaking contemporary design. Custom-designed decorative elements can also be supplemented unto the fireplace to further improve the design, such as custom-built panels and finishing trims. Below are some of the ideal bespoke fireplace designs that will definitely look flawless in […]

Ideal Fireplaces For The Small Homes

3Ceiling Hung Fireplace

Reality is, not everyone can afford to buy or rent a huge property. However, you must not let that become a hindrance in making your space look and feel stylishly functional. For generations, fireplaces have become a must-have for home owners as it produces warmth and comfort for every family members and guests. Though sometimes, […]