25th July 2018

Why Choose a Bespoke Linear Fireplace?

These bespoke fireplaces transcend function. Now, a lot of homeowners aim for more than just warm glow and radiance; a lot of them are now looking for modern styles, limitless design, and world-class function. They require cutting-edge performance, featuring superior technology and elegant outlines. Our linear line of bespoke gas fires offers a combination of design and purpose, transforming mere blank walls into striking masterpieces.

Bespoke fireplace for your home

bespoke linear fireplace

Custom fireplaces come with the capability to choose, that’s why we have numerous distinct Linear line designs. Whether you want a sleek modern fireplace or a traditional mantle, our linear gas fires can enhance any space. Start creating your own bespoke fireplace by choosing from one of these designs:

Three-Sided Design: A modern three-sided fireplace presents beauty from every angle. Although linear fireplaces have a flat view, it transforms into a compelling, three-dimensional experience.

Front-Facing Design: A conventional, front-facing fireplace offers a seamless blend of convenience and timeless beauty. Each model in our front-facing fireplace collection blends beautifully with any surrounding architecture and décor. If you want, you could also go for a streamlined design to display a modern ambiance or encase your gas fireplace in a mantle to create a classy appeal.

Corner Fireplaces: The corners of your house offer the biggest possibilities to transform the ordinary. Our impeccably designed corner fireplaces capture attention and draw focus to any space.

The Tunnel: Do you want to spread warmth and radiance on both sides of a wall? Tunnel fireplaces transform a solid wall into a dynamic and entertaining viewing experience. Bespoke tunnel fireplaces are the ideal way to break an open space, offering more depth and dimension.

The advantages of our bespoke fireplaces:

luxury bespoke gas fire

Our dedication to innovative design doesn’t end with the styles of our fireplace units. We also render each one of our models with state-of-the-art technology to give you a modern unit you truly deserve.

  1. Our advanced wall cooling technology ensures that the walls surrounding the fireplace remain cool. This means you can easily place décors, art pieces, electronics, and even some sensitive materials next to or above the fireplace unit without having to worry about damaging them.
  2. The vent system allows you to place your bespoke fireplace anywhere in your home. Our designs are able to release air up to 110 ft from the unit. This gives you the liberty to experience the warmth of your fireplace wherever and whenever you desire.

elegant bespoke fireplace

III. Our designs offer artistic accessories and interiors that let you customize the look and feel of your fireplace— it’s bespoke, after all. You can choose from a range of design options from clay logs to ceramic stones to striking coloured glass. You can even include interior lighting and integrate luxury materials to add character and personal touch to your fireplace unit.

Bespoke fireplaces are not just about static beauty. They offer style, function, and comfort all while pushing the limits of fireplace design. Exhibit your creativity by opting for our bespoke linear fireplace!

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