10th January 2019

Natural Gas vs Propane Outdoor Modern Fireplaces


Do you have space in your backyard that you have always wanted to make useful? Why not transform it into an outdoor sitting room? And the perfect centrepiece for it is an outdoor modern fireplace.

When choosing an outdoor fireplace, two types fit the bill—propane and natural gas. Both types perform well, and both come with their own advantages and disadvantages.  What you choose will depend entirely on your style and preference.


If you prefer portability, propane modern fireplaces are the way to go. Propane gas comes in tanks that you attach to your fireplace.


It’s the same tank that powers your outdoor grill. When fuel runs out, just run to your nearest store and buy a new tank that you reattach to your fireplace. Since the fuel source is detachable, your propane fireplace can also be transferred at will. Should you tire of its location, just choose a different one next time.

In contrast, a natural gas fireplace gets fuel from a natural gas line that runs to your home. This means that your fireplace basically stays in one place.

Operational Costs

If you want something more practical and affordable to operate, a natural gas fireplace takes the price hands down. With the cost of natural gas at 1/6 the cost of propane in some locations, it doesn’t take much for you to decide which the cheaper option is.

Operational Costs

Natural gas modern fireplaces are also more convenient since you never run out of fuel, ever, as long as you pay for the service.


Lastly, you might be asking, Which is more efficient? Well, look at it this way.


Propane burns hotter than natural gas. Propane is capable of producing 2500 BTUs, while natural gas comes second at 1000 BTUs for the same amount of fuel.

So propane wins this one hand down.


Taking note of these facts about these two types of outdoor modern fireplaces, you can very much decide for yourself which one is the one for you.  But regardless of which type you choose, your fireplace will give you countless hours of warmth during those cold outdoor nights.

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