22nd May 2017

Modern Fireplaces For The Contemporary Homes

Fireplaces have become an integral part to some home owners’ daily lives, especially those who find comfort in being near the warmth it emits. May it be for stylish or practical reasons; this particular unit can definitely increase the overall look of your abode.

So we’ve collected some of the most stylish and practical gas fire designs that will seamlessly fit your contemporary home:

1Utilize the metallics

Utilise the metallics

This particular gas fire was designed to give off flames than can truly emit a striking ambiance to your home. Aside from that, the luxurious brass side panels of this hearth provides a contemporary look and vibe, along with its innovative remote-controlled flame settings. Generally, this beautiful design is definitely one for the books!

2Opt for bespoke materials

Opt for bespoke materials

This is a true example of how brilliantly-created centrepieces can ultimately upgrade the look of just about any room. The high-class cut of this gas fire undeniably enhanced the aura of the whole living area. Also, the seamless combination of materials used resulted to a sculpture-like finish and texture that you’d want to integrate in your home. You also have the freedom to decide which materials to use when you opt for a bespoke design.

3Luxe White and Gold

Luxe White and Gold

This extraordinary piece of unit perfected the balance between conventional and ultra-modish style. Its astounding details and visual aesthetic creates a sense of unquestioning luxury to this already glamorous home. Also, the dark background of the gas fire allowed the flames to stand out despite the lush gold design of the unit.

4Why not go for stainless steel

Why not go for stainless steel

Uncomplicated yet eye-catching; that is what defines this modern gas fire. Enclosed in a custom-made stainless steel frame, this fireplace layout is ideal for a statement centrepiece. Just like any other high-quality designs, the frames of this hearth can be made from totally different materials so as to match the client’s preference and sense of style.

5The modern glass layout

The modern glass layout

To achieve a flawless ambience in your contemporary home, why not install a glass-fronted gas fire design to genuinely accomplish the look.

The owners of this modish home opted for a black tinted glass with a touch of reflective and transparency features that extends up to the ceiling. The flame area was cleverly designed to be open on all three sides, allowing people to have an unobstructed view of the flames from different angles.

Let your home have that sort of homey feel despite having a contemporary layout. Opt for the style and comfort given by modern gas fires!

Contact Modus Fireplaces and speak to a design consultant to see how we can create one of these centrepiece fireplaces in your home.