22nd December 2017

How To Properly Clean Your Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces don’t have to contend with ash, wood, and the overall mess caused by wood-burning hearths, so they are much simpler to clean and maintain.

However, nasty things like dust and dirt can eventually build up and clog the ports of your fireplace unit. The wire connections of your gas fireplace can also become dirty and loose. Lack of proper maintenance and routine cleaning can lead to ineffective burning, that is why taking care of your modern gas fires is really important.

Before you get started, please make sure that all parts of the fireplace are completely cool and that the gas valve is turned off. After that, simply follow these easy steps and make your fireplace look brand new:

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Gather all the necessary supplies that you will need to accomplish the task, including:
– Soap
– Soft cloth
– Soft, clean paintbrush
– Wood stove glass cleaner
– Vacuum cleaner with attachments

Check the burner, as well as the control area. If you see any debris or dust, use the vacuum cleaner to get rid of all the visible dirt. You can also utilize the vacuum to properly remove any spider webs found in the fireplace.

If your fireplace has gas logs, take them outside and use a regular paintbrush to brush off any dirt, dust, or spider webs. These logs are usually delicate so be sure to use proper caution; use soft bristle paintbrushes to gently brush away any dirt on the logs. Carefully check for visible damage or corrosion. In case you see one (or more), call a professional to immediately repair or replace the damaged parts before you use the fireplace again.

Use a wood stove glass cleaner to properly clean the glass. Simply spray the glass cleaner onto a dry cloth– making sure not to spray the glass directly. This is to ensure that no excess will land on the decorative parts or any surrounding metal and corrode any of them.

Be sure not to use the standard window glass cleaner, as stove glass is a special material and using a regular glass cleaner product may not be a wise thing to do. Clean the outside of the glass first, then move towards the inside portion. This is because the outside part is likely to be cleaner, and you don’t want to bring any dirt build-up from the inside out.

Next, use the clean, damp cloth to wipe the outside part of your fireplace. Do not expose brass, marble, gold or any other decorative materials and plates to any corrosive or abrasive cleaners. With proper routine cleaning, these parts can easily be cleaned by using clean water.

However, if there’s a build-up of dust or soot that does not easily wipe off with plain water, mix a tiny amount of soap in a bowl of water to create suds, then gently clean off the sooty areas with the soapy solution by using a soft cloth.  Be sure not to use any dish liquid that contains ammonia. Then, simply wipe the area with plain water to rinse.

Dry the washed surfaces with a clean, dry cloth to prevent any markings or streaking.

To relight your gas fireplace after cleaning, simply follow the manufacturer’s directions carefully. You can now enjoy your newly cleaned fireplace with your family and friends!

For an attractive, efficient, and safe-to-use modern gas fire unit, be sure to follow these easy and simple maintenance steps.

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