21st March 2017

Exceptional Fireplace Designs

Fireplaces are quite common in most abodes, as they emit comforting warmth and comfort. Even luxury hotels and establishments have them on their lobbies to keep their clients warm and welcomed.

Practicality aside, most of us yearn to have a centrepiece that shows our own personality, style, and taste. With that being said, here are some of the exceptional bespoke fireplaces that will definitely bedazzle your guests with their functionality and beauty!


Three-level Piece
To achieve the utmost wow-factor, go for a stunningly peculiar piece like this one.

Sometimes, refusing to settle for the ordinary is actually a good thing, as you can enable yourself to think outside the box as what this statement fireplace design is all about. Plus, you’ll never fail to leave your visitors in awe when there’s a gorgeous three-level fireplace, casually sitting at the centre of your living room.


Luxe Hotel Design
This is a bespoke, double-sided fireplace owned by the W-Hotel, located at Leicester Square.

These cylindrical, bespoke gas fires complete the entire feel of this luxurious bar area, all while radiating warmth; creating a relaxing ambience for the hotel guests to enjoy. The towering glass gives all-round vision to the dancing flames and very minimal visual obstruction.


Twin Fireplaces
Why would you settle with only one fireplace, when you can have two identical pieces!

These stunningly unique fireplaces add a certain drama and luxury in this already modish home. This specific design is made up of leather in order to form the external cladding, finishing with clear and sturdy glass on the upper level to create a masterpiece.


8m Line Fireplace
This one is a completely bespoke, double-sided fireplace with a remarkable 8m line of gorgeous flames. Designed with some sleek stainless steel trim around the fire and viewable from two opposite sides, this bespoke fireplace really is an impressive creation of engineering.


The Rocket Design
This design is one of our modern and bespoke fireplaces, which was designed and manufactured entirely according to the architect and designer’s specifications. As you can see, this centrepiece (which was a converted aeroplane hangar) is based on the shape of a rocket. The steel structure placed above incorporates pyramid-shaped glass, while the gas burner is positioned into the flooring. This is to maintain transparency and light flow whilst ensuring safety.

Stunningly designed and engineered bespoke fireplaces certainly fulfil the needs and requirements of our beloved clients.

Be inspired by these stunning modern gas fires and let it enhance the look of your home.

Contact Modus Fireplaces and speak to a design consultant to see how we can create one of these centrepiece fireplaces in your home.