25th May 2018

Electric Designer Fireplaces: How Do They Function?

A fireplace is a necessary fixture, especially during the cold months. For those of us who are still using traditional fireplaces, you know how much work goes into these things from gathering logs, to chopping them to size.

All that work just to build one fire. Not to mention that you have to keep your fireplace in perfect working condition every time. Not doing so renders it inefficient, wasting precious heat and releasing dangerous gases into the home.

If you are one of those who feel that a traditional fireplace is too much work, then electric designer fireplaces or inserts are just for you.

But what is an electric fireplace and how does it work? 

How Do They Work?

electric designer fireplaces

Just like any electrical appliance, an electric fireplace is a device that plugs into your electrical outlet to produce heat. Inside an electric fireplace are coils that produce the actual heat when plugged into an electrical outlet.

The Blower

Aside from the heating element, there is also an electric blower that forces the heat outward into your room. The fan itself is very quiet, so you won’t even know it is running.

This is a very efficient setup since all of the hot air is pushed toward your room. No heat is wasted, and no ashes or harmful gases are produced. An electric fireplace is also cool to the touch thanks to the built-in double glass cover.

Realistic-Looking Flames

electric designer fireplaces

Electric designer fireplaces also produce realistic flames that will give you the impression that you are in front of a traditional log fireplace. These flames are produced by a regular light bulb refracted in a three-dimensional pattern in no specific order to give that authentic flickering flame illusion.

Supplementary Heating and Portability

An electric fireplace is also not meant to heat up the entire house. It does well in heating up specific rooms with limited area thus making it ultra-economical. This particular fireplace is also portable. It can be transferred from room to room depending on which room is being used at the moment.

All that is needed is an electrical outlet where it can be plugged.

electric designer fireplaces

Summing up

So the next time the cold months start to roll in, think about using electric designer fireplaces. You can start enjoying the heat without all the lengthy preparations of a traditional one.


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