Finding that perfect fireplace design to flawlessly fit your modern home can take up a lot of work and effort, especially if you seek something with very minimal details but would still stand out.

Browse through our wide variety of minimalist designed fireplace and discover the piece that would suit you best!


Elegantly Simple Fireplace

This fabulously modern fireplace design works best in homes with flawless white scheme, as well as in properties with monochrome theme. The dancing flames also serve as the perfect focal feature to this home. This design is combined with a line burner that is available in numerous size options to achieve the style you truly want.


The Copper Designed Fireplace

Though this particular fireplace doesn’t have the usual black and white motif, it certainly offers that simple yet ultra-sophisticated appeal. With only one flame burner, the flames emitted by this fireplace can accurately produce a dramatic atmosphere to the entire area.

The deluxe brass side panels offer a modern-day aesthetic, along with its fully remote-controlled flame levels.


White and Gold Combo Fireplace

This fireplace design may have a unique style and texture, yet it does not overpower the whole look of this chic living space. Instead, it offers a seamless fusion of traditional and contemporary style. Its outstanding side panels with the concave details generates a sense of subtle luxury to the room.
This piece was also designed to incorporate a bio-ethanol burner, but it could also be altered to other kinds of burner upon client’s request.


Monochrome Fit Fireplace

This contemporary hole in the wall fireplace serves as a stylish partition to this home. This specific design is ideal for properties with existing chimney breast, or even as a new set up. The matte finish of this monochrome piece (could be changed to different finishes and colours) would look impeccable to any kind of home setting as it gives an extra allure to the whole area.


L-shaped Fireplace

Let your fireplace be as unique as you are. This specific design was shaped by utilising diverse materials to attain a very exceptional and fresh look for indoor fireplace. It’s also an entirely comfortable place to read a book and relax after a long day. The shape and size of the base, as well as the upper piece (the chimney breast), can all be personalised to the preference of our clients.

Be inspired with these uniquely designed contemporary fireplaces that could definitely be modified to fit your minimalist home scheme!

1st October 2020

The Top 5 Minimalist Designed Wall Fireplaces

The line fire or ‘hole in the wall’ fireplace continues to be one of the best selling styles of fireplaces in the UK. They produce a contemporary, slick look to any project. It is a very simple and extremely versatile fireplace and can provide you with a truly stunning centrepiece for a room.

The most popular and versatile line fire is the open-fronted gas line fire. This is custom made so you can have the design and size of fireplace that you wish, but there are standard sizes of between 1m and 2.6m. Without glass, the view of the flames is not obstructed.

bespoke fireplace - wall fire - modern fireplaces

In order to really make the fireplace unique, we can add bespoke designs elements such as frames, edging, and side panels. These are designed and manufactured bespoke so the only limit is your imaginations! The following image shows a linefire that has bespoke, blue steel side panels. This is one of our most popular looks!

The style of a linefire can also be adapted from a ‘hole in the wall’ fireplace to a double sided fireplace, a three sided room divider or even a suspended linefire like the image below:

Compared with Wood-Burning Hearth, Gas Fireplaces Are More Efficient

The linefire is a very versatile fireplace that you can have as an open gas fire, glass-enclosed gas fire, bioethanol or non-heating electric fire. The image below shows a bioethanol line fire with bespoke, copper curved side panels. This look is finished off with a beautiful concrete effect grey plaster on the surrounding wall. The bioethanol line fire uses liquid ethanol so there is no need for a flue system or chimney.

As with most of our open gas fires, our line fires come with a choice of different flamebed decorations: white marble chippings, lava stones and the very realistic looking ceramic logs and coals (all pictured below).

So to conclude, there are a lot of different options available for the versatile and contemporary line fires, providing you with the chance to design and buy a truly unique and stunning fireplace for your home or project. See more designs of our line fires here.

7th April 2020

All about our Contemporary Linear Fireplaces

We are very proud to announce our new partnership with FCI London, one of the largest contemporary furniture showrooms in the UK, displaying the most exclusive quality pieces from the world’s most exclusive quality designers.

Working alongside FCI we designed, manufactured and installed three beautiful, bespoke gas fireplaces to be placed in their newly expanded showroom. So you can now visit the showroom and see our fireplace designs in the flesh!

Here’s a little preview of the fireplaces we have in the FCI London showroom.

1) Beautiful gas 2m linefire with curved bronze side panels, finished off with a stunning grey, concrete effect plaster.

2) Stunning gas fireplace with bespoke blue steel panels and frame. 

3) Three sided room divider, gas fireplace that has a sublime glass canopy.

We can arrange to meet you at the showroom to show you how the fireplaces work and to discuss your own project requirements. Please contact us here to arrange a meeting. 

Please note, you must book a meeting prior to your arrival if you want to meet us.

The address of the showroom is FCI London, Rays House, N.Circular Road, London, NW10 7XP.

Find out more about our partner by following the following link:

Get in touch with us today to get conversations started on a luxury modern fireplace for your home.

26th February 2020

New Partnership with FCI London

Bioethanol fireplaces are becoming more and more popular due to the ease of installation and the sleek and modern look it produces. Read on as we invite you into the world of bioethanol fireplaces and answer all the questions you may have about them.


Benefits of Bioethanol

The biggest benefit of bioethanol fireplaces is that there is no requirement for a flue or chimney so they can be placed in any room of any project with ease. This makes them especially relevant for apartments and properties with no gas supply. 

With gas and wood fires, a lot of building preparation work is needed for the flue/chimney, as well as possible re-routing of the gas supply. Bioethanol fireplaces automatically cut out the need for this work making the installation much easier and quicker. All you need is an electrical power supply.

With these flueless fireplaces, you will see a ribbon of flame with no flame bed decorations so the look is very contemporary, sleek and modern. The bioethanol burners can be fitted into a variety of different designs making this an extremely flexible option.

Most burners work by remote control or even via your smartphone and some of the top-spec burners can be integrated into your smart home system.



What is a Bioethanol Fireplace?

There are a wide variety of bioethanol fires on the market with varying quality. They all use liquid ethanol fuel that you have to refill when it is running low. Our bioethanol fireplaces use a fully electronic burner, giving you the best level of safety in the bioethanol market. 

Bioethanol of plant origin is a fully renewable and green source of energy. While burning, it does not produce any smoke or ash and the emission of carbon dioxide is insignificant. Also, no other carcinogenic substances are produced during the burning process, as opposed to other types of fireplaces.

The fuel comes in plastic bottles which can be stored at home out direct sunlight and away from heat sources. 

The fireplace will let you know when the fuel is running low, and we will provide you with an automatic refill pump as standard. The specially designed pump communicates with the device, delivering the necessary amount of fuel.

There are different levels of burners available, with different burn times. It typically ranges from 5-12 hours. There is an option too have an XL fuel tank which vastly increasing the burn time to 17-42 hours.



Some things to consider with a bioethanol fireplace:

  • You have to make sure that you are getting the right-sized burner for your room. Each one should come with a minimum room size in cubic metres. There may be a need for ventilation around the fireplace or elsewhere in the room.
  • Inevitably there may be a slight odour emitted when it burns that some people can smell and others can’t. This is something that cannot be avoided with a flueless fire of this nature.
  • As well as looking great, these fireplaces do give out a lot of heat so you have considered how you build around it and with which materials (non-combustible materials are recommended).
  • Want a TV above your bioethanol fireplace? We will provide recommendations to redirect the heat away from the bottom of the TV. At its simplest, we recommend the TV is recessed in the wall above.



There have been some safety concerns around the cheaper and lower quality bioethanol burners. Particularly around the manually operated ones where you pour in the liquid fuel. Therefore we would recommend buying the electronic burners that burn the vapour of the fuel, not the fuel itself. The burners that we sell have multiple safety sensors including temperature, child lock, CO2 and overfill.


If you have a design in mind for a bioethanol fireplace, get in touch here to discuss your requirements.

25th February 2020

Introducing Bioethanol Fireplaces

What’s going to be ‘hot’ for 2020?  

As this brand new year starts, there will be a lot of households kicking off a house renovation project. Or maybe you are planning a house move, or you are building the house of your dreams… If a stunning fireplace is part of your plans then let us take you through our predictions for the fireplace trends of 2020.


Fireplace trend #1: Open gas fireplaces

Our installations in 2019 were again dominated by open gas fires, and we see that trend continuing in 2020. Open gas fires, as opposed to glass-enclosed fireplaces, are more aesthetically pleasing as there is nothing shielding the view of the flames themselves. They are classed as decorative items, and although they do give out heat, it is much less intense than the heat from glass-enclosed fireplaces (which can be too much for well-insulated spaces).  Open gas fires also allow much more flexibility in design as well so you can really have the fireplace of your dreams.


Fireplace trend #2: Bioethanol fireplaces

Last year we saw a huge increase in the number of bioethanol fireplaces sold and we expect that trend to also continue. The biggest benefit of having a bioethanol fireplace is that there is no need for a flue, meaning an easier installation and less building work required. Bioethanol fireplaces provide a very slick and modern look for your home with a single ribbon of flame and a small glass guard. Our top-spec burners have 6 levels of flames and can be integrated into your smart home system – perfect for the high tech household. Bioethanol burners can be designed into most styles of fireplaces so the world is your oyster when it comes to design. However as these are classed as flueless, the size of the burner needs to be tailored to the size of the space of installation.


Fireplace trend #3: Suspended / hanging fireplaces

870 Suspended Glass

Suspended or hanging fireplaces are going to be one of the biggest fireplace trends this year. Suspended fireplaces have a canopy hung from the ceiling which houses the extraction equipment and connects to the flue/chimney, and then a separate base containing the burner. The base can be clad in stone, or even leather for a real luxury finish. Hanging fireplaces provide your space with a real wow factor as you get a unique focal feature. We predict that glass canopies will be popular this year as they keep the view of the room open. An ideal solution when knocking through walls to create a large open space as the design maintains the light flow whilst providing a natural and subtle break up of the space.


Fireplace trend #4: Double-sided / tunnel fireplaces

We’ve seen a huge increase in the number of double-sided or tunnel fireplaces over the last few years and we see that increasing more in 2020. This style of fireplace can sit within a freestanding or structural wall and creates a room division whilst not closing off the other side. You can have a large opening partially glazed like the fireplace above, a smaller ‘letterbox’ shape opening, or anything in between. Whichever way you go, this trend is here to stay.


Fireplace trend #5: Outdoor fireplaces

Outdoor fires are growing in popularity and we see this as a major fireplace trend for this year. The outdoor fireplace market has opened up from just the traditional wood fireplaces and stoves to natural gas fire pits, fire tables and line fires (see image). There are different technical requirements for an outdoor fireplace so they can, in principle, be designed without a flue. Outdoor fireplaces should be considered as a cosy focal point for your outside space rather than a pure heat source as the outdoor elements naturally affect the heat produced.


I hope these fireplace trends will help you with your decision process. If you have a design idea for a potential fireplace project, get in touch here to discuss your requirements.

27th January 2020

Our Top 5 Fireplace Trends for 2020

When deciding on a new fireplace, one of the first and biggest decisions you need to make is what type of fuel you want the fireplace to use. There are many choices out there for your fireplace but gas, wood, bioethanol and electric are the main ones. We have broken down each fuel type to help you make that crucial decision on which fuel type you should go for.

Gas Fires

This is the most common fuel for new fireplaces and gives you the convenience of a quick ‘fire on demand’ through either a turning push knob or remote control.

There are 2 different options of gas with the simplest being natural or mains gas. If your house is connected to the mains gas system then this would always be the preferable way to fuel the fireplace as the gas is already there. If your property is off the grid, and you still want a gas fireplace you can use LPG or bottled gas. With LPG you need to factor in the storage of the large gas bottles into your fireplace design as they need to be stored outside. Most of our clients hide them in some sort of storage unit. LPG gas and natural gas fires are manufactured slightly different so you to make this decision made early on in the process, especially for custom made or bespoke fireplaces.

With a gas fireplace, the basic requirements needed are a flue/chimney outlet for burnt gases and air supply for combustion. With many of the modern fireplaces, you also need an electrical point as they are all fully electronic. Gas fireplaces can be decorated in a number of different flame bed decorations, including very realistic looking ceramic logs and coals, white marble chippings, black diamond stones or lava stones.

If you have decided on a gas fireplace there are 2 types of gas fireplaces that you need to consider: open-fronted gas fire and a glass-enclosed fireplace. Let us take you through the pros and cons of both:

Open-fronted gas fire


  • Visually nicer as there is no glass between you and the flames, more realistic
  • Lower heat output – a lot of people don’t need extra heat due to underfloor heating or radiators and only want the fire as a cosy focal point, to add atmosphere and some background heat. You do however get some heat and can adjust the flame height to warm/cool down the room.
  • Because the fire is open-fronted, it offers a lot of flexibility in design


  • Technically more demanding than closed fronted fires
  • Tend to be more expensive as they are made to order
  • Often require the addition of a fan to ensure safe extraction
  • Lower efficiency rating than closed fronted designs, though our fireplaces have been developed to significantly increase the fireplace efficiency


Glass-enclosed gas fireplace 

(Also known as a balanced flue fireplace)


  • Easy installation
  • Very high heat output and high efficiency
  • These are standard units so less costly


  • Glass gets very hot and stays hot after you turn the fire off so safety is an issue
  • Heat output sometimes too high for many modern well-insulated properties
  • No flexibility in design – units are CE approved and cannot be altered


Wood-Burning Fireplaces 

Wood fireplaces have the same basic requirements as a gas fireplace in that it needs a flue/chimney outlet for burnt gases and air supply for combustion, but the main difference is that it is a much less technical fireplace. One thing to be wary of with wood-burning fires is that there are now large areas of major cities that have been declared smokeless zones where you have to use expensive smokeless fuel only. Please check your area before choosing a wood fire.

Where you can use normal wood though, a wood fireplace is cheap to run and you have the flexibility of building the size fire that you require. Wood burning fireplaces do give out a lot of heat, but of course, it is harder to control the heat output.

Wood fires do require more maintaining and cleaning than a gas fire but if you are used to this maintenance already it won’t bother you.

Unlike a gas fire where you can get shut off valves for the air duct and flue, wood fires need a permanent supply of air, so the overall efficiency is reduced.

You can also get a glass-enclosed wood fire which is accessible by sliding up the glass window at the front to build the fire. This is a highly efficient fireplace as once closed it is sealed, and it gives out an extraordinary amount of heat, which people may like or not.

Bioethanol Fires

This relatively new kid on the block has come a long way since its inception. Bioethanol fireplaces are a really good option for easy installation as there no need for flue/chimney, and these flueless fireplaces only need an electrical point to work. They use bioethanol liquid fuel which needs to be refilled on a semi-regular basis. With a bioethanol fireplace, you will see a ribbon of flame with no flame bed decorations so the look is very contemporary, sleek and modern. The bioethanol burners can be fitted into a variety of different designs making this an extremely flexible option.

The main downside of a bioethanol fireplace is that you have to refill the fuel tank as it runs out so it is less convenient. The more high end, fully electronic bioethanol burners will tell you when you are running low and will use an automatic refill pump to refill the machine.

Some things to consider with a bioethanol fireplace:

  • You have to make sure that you are getting the right-sized burner for your room – each one should come with the minimum room size and there may be a need for ventilation around the fireplace or elsewhere in the room.
  • There may be a slight odour emitted when it burns that some people can smell and others can’t.
  • There have been some safety concerns around the cheaper, manually operated bioethanol burners (the ones where you pour in the liquid fuel) so we would recommend only using the electronic burners that burn the vapour of the fuel rather than the fuel itself.

Editor’s note: All the bioethanol burners that Modus Fireplaces use are fully electronic, have an automatic refill pump and burn the vapours from the fuel when heated which is a much more efficient and cleaner-burning system.

We are going to write a longer article on just bioethanol fireplaces soon so look out for that.

Electric Fireplaces 

There are a whole plethora of electric fires out there but the ones we are going to talk about are purely decorative as they give out no heat. The electric fires Modus Fireplaces sells use a mixture of LED lighting and water vapour to produce the illusion of flames. They are extremely easy to install and can be placed anywhere. They are great for places that cannot have a real fire but still want the effect of a fire. However, although you get a good representation of a fire, it by no means holds a candle to the real thing!

I hope this has given you some food for thought to help you make that vital decision on which type of fireplace you should go for. Browse our wide collection of fireplaces in a range of different contemporary designs including hanging fireplaces, double-sided fireplaces, wall fires, outdoor fireplaces and more.

Please contact us and find out how we can help you design your dream fireplace.

6th November 2019

Which Type of Fireplace Should You Buy? Gas, Wood, Bioethanol or Electric?


Do you have space in your backyard that you have always wanted to make useful? Why not transform it into an outdoor sitting room? And the perfect centrepiece for it is an outdoor modern fireplace.

When choosing an outdoor fireplace, two types fit the bill—propane and natural gas. Both types perform well, and both come with their own advantages and disadvantages.  What you choose will depend entirely on your style and preference.


If you prefer portability, propane modern fireplaces are the way to go. Propane gas comes in tanks that you attach to your fireplace.


It’s the same tank that powers your outdoor grill. When fuel runs out, just run to your nearest store and buy a new tank that you reattach to your fireplace. Since the fuel source is detachable, your propane fireplace can also be transferred at will. Should you tire of its location, just choose a different one next time.

In contrast, a natural gas fireplace gets fuel from a natural gas line that runs to your home. This means that your fireplace basically stays in one place.

Operational Costs

If you want something more practical and affordable to operate, a natural gas fireplace takes the price hands down. With the cost of natural gas at 1/6 the cost of propane in some locations, it doesn’t take much for you to decide which the cheaper option is.

Operational Costs

Natural gas modern fireplaces are also more convenient since you never run out of fuel, ever, as long as you pay for the service.


Lastly, you might be asking, Which is more efficient? Well, look at it this way.


Propane burns hotter than natural gas. Propane is capable of producing 2500 BTUs, while natural gas comes second at 1000 BTUs for the same amount of fuel.

So propane wins this one hand down.


Taking note of these facts about these two types of outdoor modern fireplaces, you can very much decide for yourself which one is the one for you.  But regardless of which type you choose, your fireplace will give you countless hours of warmth during those cold outdoor nights.

If you want to get the ball rolling on a contemporary outdoor fireplace for your home, then contact us today to speak to one of our Design Consultants. 

10th January 2019

Natural Gas vs Propane Outdoor Modern Fireplaces


Gone are the days when manufacturers only offered one-size-fits-all mantle and hearths. Thanks to technological advancements, today’s bespoke fireplaces are made to suit almost every personality or taste. In fact, you can even request for a personalised one that perfectly satisfies your aesthetic sensibilities.

Below is a list of style suggestions when it comes to matching a fireplace with your lifestyle and personality.

The Traditionalist Fireplace

Are you the type who loves the age-old traditional mantle and hearth and who prefers it decked out in stone or brick?

The Traditionalist

The traditionalists favour faux wood logs and recessed flames. Although far from being a throwback to the beloved age-old hearth, traditional fireplaces evolved with time, combining modern efficiency and customary design. This is all made possible thanks to the growing use of ventless technology.

Plus, since manufacturers nowadays allow for customisation options, traditionalists can add a touch of the classic with the interiors, with additional recessed lighting and many more.

The Classicist Fireplace

Much the same as the traditionalist, the classicists also prefer the time-honoured design. However, instead of a mantle decked with brick or stone, the classicist would rather use more luxurious materials such as granite and marble.

The Classicist

Whether these devotees favour a frameless design or a full mantle, they enjoy clean lines, opulent surrounds and more classical, yet beautiful proportions.


The Minimalist Fireplace

The minimalist is, in a way, a blend of contemporary design and the classicist. They’re famous for focusing on the essentials like geometric shapes, sparse décor, clean lines and simple colours and getting rid of extraneous frills.

The Minimalist

The typical minimalist fireplace sports a front-facing, three-sided or frameless unit that is surrounded by white concrete and then filled with a glass media. This particular style is flexible enough to accommodate varying approaches.


The Bachelor Fireplace

As the name implies, this style embraces an edgier and more masculine trim but with a modern twist. The tableau of these bespoke fireplaces sports darker colours, from deep blues to slate grey to deluxe black.

The Bachelor

On the other hand, instead of a strong colour pallet, bachelorettes opt for a touch of femininity, with creams and whites, but with a touch of twenty-first-century taste.

The Transitionalist Fireplace

There are those who consider themselves as bold modernists, while others remain unabashed traditionalists. Then, there are those who love dwelling in between worlds.

The Transitionalist

These individuals connect the great divide between the revolutionary and the conventional, between the contemporary and the traditional.

The ideal fireplaces for these types who quite cannot commit to a specific period include a three-sided, modern or corner fireplace decked with classic brick surround or a minimalist-type mantle.

Final Thoughts

Did your personality match any of the abovementioned bespoke fireplaces? If it did, take inspiration from them and create your own fireplace that best speaks your lifestyle and who you are. Contact Modus Fireplaces and speak to a design consultant to see how we can create one of these centrepiece fireplaces in your home.

16th December 2018

Modern Bespoke Fireplaces That Fit Your Taste

Just a couple of months from now and 2019 will come. And in the interior design world, the creations of different contemporary fireplaces have become ever more popular as most are not just fashionable and fun but they are also created to be environmentally friendly.

Here are the growing trends for contemporary fireplaces that will still be popular in the coming year.

Fireplace Finishing

Fireplace Finishing

New designs for contemporary fireplaces have gone up a level as the design possibilities have now enabled flammable finishes such as wood and wallpaper, and the placement of TV above a fireplace are gaining more popularity.

If you have an existing hearth, you can easily have it upgraded. You can also have your installer from Modus Fireplaces place a wood or gas option or even both so that you can reduce your monthly heating bill.

Wood Storage

Wood Storage

Having a wood storage beside your luxury fireplace is on trend this year. You don’ have to worry about spending more on fuel if you have a wood burning fireplace. Unlike wood storage of long ago, this year’s wood storage provide stylish designs that are placed alongside gas fireplaces.

Portrait Fireplaces

Portrait Fireplaces

More and more fireplace designs are creating large viewing windows which looks more like a large portrait allowing you to see how the fireplace emits heat inside the room. Have a look at this great design from Modus Fireplaces and see if you want to have one for your home too.

Corner Gas Fireplaces

Corner Gas Fireplaces

Corner gas fireplaces have already made a comeback and are available in two-sided and three-sided designs. Homeowners are also opting for this style to define their living areas and to create a great focal point in the room.

Glass Gas Fireplaces

Glass Gas Fireplace

While the new technology of you being able to control the heat with the use of a remote control, new options such as securing your contemporary fireplaces with glass are also becoming popular. These safety barriers are not just for security purposes but are also created as part of the design. This design is already trending in modern homes and will continue until 2019.

Place It Anywhere

Fireplaces can be placed anywhere in the room and even outside. Do you want to have a contemporary fireplace in your bedroom? Bathroom? Kitchen? Or even in your yard? Having a fireplace in every part of your house is truly possible these days and is becoming a growing demand for contemporary homes.

Great Quality

Companies such as Modus Fireplaces are known for creating some of the most luxurious fireplaces known in the UK. They have stayed at the forefront of supplying contemporary fireplaces for prestigious homes and hotels, which guarantees that they only provide high-quality sculpted furniture to be admired all year round.


26th November 2018

Contemporary Fireplaces Trends for 2019

In the olden days when bespoke fireplaces were introduced, they had one sole purpose— to provide heat. That was what our ancestors were looking for when they had a fireplace installed in their respective homes.

Our great grandfathers built fireplaces because they not only needed warmth but also wanted to create a cosy, warm and inviting atmosphere, amidst the cold, bitter season. But over the past few generations, fireplaces evolved into something more than just producing heat, although they haven’t lost their age-old appeal.

Modern and bespoke fireplaces still bring cheer and warmth to every home. In fact, they are still a home’s focal point where family members get together and share the warmth of a roaring fire.

These days, however, these fireplaces also boast something else—style. Nothing represents a design trend better than a floating hearth.

Re-discovering our roots

rediscovering our roots bespoke fireplaces

Historically, hearths protected flammable materials such as carpets and wood floors from sparks. They practically served a functional purpose. But such safety measures went the way of the masonry chimney when modern direct-vent gas fireplaces were invented.

That is, in terms of pure utility, the hearths of the past became obsolete. It gained in ornamental appeal what it lost in function, however.

Just as the fireplace advanced from a mere need into a decorative luxury, so too the hearth’s role as an architectural statement in its own right. Architects, builders and interior designers can easily skip the hearth and create a minimalist and sleek tableau.

However, this doesn’t mean that they’ll forgo the appeal that comes with a well-designed bespoke fireplace extension.

Revival of innovation

Revival of innovation bespoke fireplaces

Do you want to have a hearth that’s inspiring, delighting and awes every single person who sees it, something of an architectural element that not just copies the conventional designs of the past?

Well, say hello to the modern floating hearth made by Modus Fireplaces, a contemporary take on a time-honoured tradition.

Although it’s not entirely an innovative idea since, historically, builders have placed stonework and brick at various heights, the concept of a hearth above ground has since gained fame in the past few years. Designers and architects are finding innovative ways that transcend the ordinary bespoke fireplace design.

Beyond embellishment, Beyond function

Beyond embellishment bespoke fireplaces

Since any masonry extension could pique the beauty and interest of a fireplace, a floating hearth adds a little bit more spark to space. When placed above ground but in front of a fireplace, the whole piece will look like it’s floating, creating a sense of gravity-defying lightness.

Additionally, you are freed from simply functionality. When it comes to design, placement and materials, the possibilities are endless.

If you want a balanced and sturdy-feeling, centre the concrete, square slab in front of the fireplace and then position it low to the ground.

How about a contemporary look?

Pick a thin, long rectangular style, extending further from one side to the next. This offers a more asymmetrical and contemporary look.

Modern-day hearths have re-defined function in its own right. They are no longer considered merely just part of the world of plain utility, although it doesn’t mean these contemporary hearths are also just plain ornamental.

Instead of being just a safety precaution, they now double as shelves, seats and even ledges.

The reinvention of convenience

The reinvention of convenience

Our forefathers used to tend to the flame all night to ensure that their solitary heat source won’t go up in smoke or worse spread fire on where they’re sleeping. But we no longer do that thanks to the advancement of today’s bespoke fireplaces.

Recent generations considered wood-burning fireplaces as a chose, though they had it easier than our ancestors.

But contemporary bespoke fireplaces instead burn gas, requiring lesser upkeep, thus lesser worry. All you have to do is turn the flame on and then turn it off once you no longer need it. You have the option of setting the timer and simply watch and enjoy as the magic of modern technology showcases what it is capable of.

Enjoying the beauty and warmth of a flame has never been this easier.

15th October 2018

The Bespoke Fireplace Designs That You Need


Outdoor contemporary gas fires can be a great source of warmth and heat when everyone is outside and be having a good time. These contemporary gas fires are also what most homeowners are obsessing about when it comes to creating something new for their backyard. Your friends will for certain envy you when you invite them into your home and share your newly built custom-made fireplace.

As there are a variety of choices available in contemporary gas fires designs, there is also the decision on the type of fuel you should use.

Two of the most common choices these days are propane gas and natural gas. Propane gas comes in containers which you will just need to place on the unit while the other is piped to the home. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, so the choice is mostly up to you and some factors to consider when it comes to the space you are going to use it for.

Propane gas

outdoor gas fire

Propane is mostly sold in tanks and is mostly known for its portability. It can be attached to any grill especially if you love to cook outside and can be attached to a fireplace if you need the extra warmth. Choosing this kind of fuel source would mean that you are not limited on where you can place your fireplace. You can even transfer it whenever you like.

Propane gas is also more efficient than natural gas as it is capable of producing 2500 BTUs than the 1000 BTUs natural gas can make.

Natural gas

natural gas fire


Since natural gas will come mostly on the natural gas line, you will need to place your contemporary gas fires close proximity to your home. This location will be permanent unlike if you choose propane gas. Although natural gas is not as portable as the first option, the cost of natural gas is way cheaper than propane. This option is also more convenient especially since you do not have to run to the gas station whenever you run out of propane. And since most homes already have natural gas lines, most homeowners just choose this option.

While both fuels offer their own advantages and disadvantages, it is still up to you and your needs that will determine which better option is good for your home. At the end of the day, once such contemporary gas fires are installed, you and your guests will be provided with the warmth and relaxation you deserve.



25th September 2018

Propane or Natural Gas – What Better Option for Your Outdoor Contemporary Gas Fires?

A crackling fire could add an ambience and charm to any room. In fact, designer fireplaces could enhance a room’s décor.

There are surprising facts about gas designer fireplaces that you might not know.

Fact 1 An Energy-Saver designer fireplaces

Fact 1: An Energy-Saver

Did you know modern fireplaces are the green alternative to central heating?

The Problem: Most people only use a handful of rooms in their homes on any given day. However, they often heat up the entire house. So why waste that much resources on unused spaces?

The Solution: A simple designer fireplace will do the trick.

You don’t have to utilise a central thermostat and regulate the home’s temperature. Simply install gas fireplaces in each room that you frequently use. Fire the hearth to drive away the coldness and chill in the room.

Benefits: The obvious benefit you’ll get from this is a lower overall energy consumption since instead of a climate control system, you’ll only be using a fireplace for specific rooms that are actually used.

This will definitely make Mother Earth happy!

 Fact 2 Reduced Heating Costs for designer fireplaces

Fact 2: Reduced Heating Costs

Contrary to what most household owners believe, modern fireplaces are actually energy-efficient, allowing you to save on your monthly heating bills.

The Problem: Since the cost of energy is steadily rising, this puts pressure on homeowners to creatively find ways to provide heating solutions to their own households.

The Solution: Instead of spending thousands on central heating bills, opt for a highly efficient fireplace.

The Benefit: You’d be surprised that your monthly heating costs are lowered to approximately 20 to 40%, all thanks to modern fireplaces.

 Fact 3 A Remote-Controlled Designer Fireplace

Fact 3: A Remote-Controlled Fireplace

Most of the modern fireplaces today are remote-controlled. Bet you didn’t know that!

The Problem: First, traditional fireplaces take a lot of elbow grease to fire up. You have to, of course, get up, get firewood, light it with a match and turn on a knob (if there is one). Also, you have to make sure embers do not get out of the hearth and accidentally ignite a fire.

The Solution: Purchase newer models of designer fireplaces, which often comes with its own remote.

The Benefit: Imagine already starting to get comfy and all you need is a good warm fire. Well, grab that remote and start the fire with only a push of a button.

 Compared with Wood-Burning Hearth, Gas Designer Fireplaces Are More Efficient

Fact 4: Compared with Wood-Burning Hearth, Gas Fireplaces Are More Efficient

Surprisingly, gas fireplaces turn out to be more efficient compared with the traditional wood-burning fireplaces.

The Problem: First, you need a huge stock of wood ready for the cold, bitter winter ahead. It’s either you purchase them ahead of time or chop them up yourself.

Either way, who would want to go out in the cold to fetch firewood when you’re already snug and warm in front of the fire?

Also, it takes quite a number of wood to specifically produce a decent amount of heat. You need to tend to the fire, as well.

The Solution: Get a gas fireplace. Sit back and let serve its purpose. This takes away all the hassle of buying or chopping up piles of piles of wood.

The Benefit: A wood-burning fireplace burns roughly around 10 to 30% efficiency, whereas a gas fireplace has a 50 to 90% efficiency.

Practically Maintenance Free Designer Fireplaces

Fact 5: Practically Maintenance Free

Unlike wood-burning fireplaces, gas types require almost no maintenance nor cleaning.

The Problem: Wood-burning types release smoke and also produce a huge amount of ash that needs to be regularly cleaned. And what about the chimney sweeps?

The Solution: Instead of burning wood, why not replace it with a gas-burning hearth?

The Benefits: There is less cleaning requires, but there is an equal amount of time to enjoy the warmth and soothing fire.

Are you now ready to install energy-efficient designer fireplaces in your own home and enjoy the huge benefits it offers? Check our collection now to know more!

Contact us today to speak with one of our Design Consultants. They can talk you through all yu


11th September 2018

Surprising Facts You Should Know About Gas Designer Fireplaces

A direct vent fireplace is another breakthrough in modern bespoke fireplaces. It functions like a traditional log burning fireplace but with a modern twist.

With a traditional fireplace, you have an open firebox and a chimney where all the smoke and particulates go out. A traditional fireplace, however, is not perfect, so some of these particulates and smoke can get into the room where the fireplace happens to be.

Also, some of the heat that is meant for the room escapes through the chimney, which marginally affects its efficiency.

A Direct Vent Fireplace

A Direct Vent Fireplace

A direct vent fireplace, however, does away with these inefficiencies to provide your home with beautiful flames and much-needed heat. In this fireplace type, there is no chimney where heat can escape into the atmosphere.

All the smoke, ashes, and subsequent gases from combustion are channeled outside through a vent that is horizontally routed through the back wall. This same vent is located inside a much bigger pipe forming a pipe in pipe configuration.

This setup allows direct vent bespoke fireplaces to draw air from the outside to aid in combustion while simultaneously heating it for more efficiency. Different pipe routing options are available should a directly horizontal layout proves to be difficult. Venting can be done off to the side or even vertically through the roof.

The Glass Fireplace Cover

The Glass Cover

Another difference of the direct vent fireplace is the presence of a porous glass cover in front that helps in radiating heat into the room while keeping harmful gases and particulates out. This ensures the quality of the air in the room while the fireplace is operational.

The ambient air heating process includes a fan that sucks room from the air and routes it around the firebox effectively heating it before expelling it back into the room.

How is that for heating efficiency!

The fan can be operated off of regular batteries or a proprietary self-generating millivolt system making this fireplace type operational even without electricity.

Natural Gas or Propane

Natural Gas or Propane

The only other thing that you need to know about a direct vent fireplace is that it still requires a propane or natural gas line and it burns logs made specifically for direct vent fireplace use.


Direct vent contemporary fireplaces come in a variety of trims and configurations to match your space and preferred mounting option. So when you shop for your next fireplace, it may be worth considering one.

We have a wide variety of different modern luxury fireplace, ready to make a statement in your home. Contact us today to speak with one of our Design Consultants. Or, browse our different modern fireplace collections, including our wall fires, double-sided fireplace designs, hanging fireplaces, and more.

31st August 2018

Understanding How Direct Vent Bespoke Fireplaces Work


Reality is, not everyone can afford to buy or rent a huge property. However, you must not let that become a hindrance in making your space look and feel stylishly functional.

For generations, fireplaces have become a must-have for homeowners as it provides warmth and comfort for every family members and guests. Though sometimes, it can really take up a lot of space in the living area. Good news is, there are already a lot of designs available in the market today that will seamlessly fit your room!

Here are some of the best designs you could incorporate in your own home:

Two-sided Solution

two-sided solution

The ideal way of maintaining the light and airy feel to any receiving area is by installing a slim fireplace in-between spaces. This two-sided design was customized specifically to the owner’s liking. It can also be entirely modified into another size and design that would suit your style and budget.

White and Gold Panels


This stunning piece is integrated with a sleek Carrara marble, along with gold painted steel. All materials and components used for this design can be altered and improved in line with the client’s requests. This particular fireplace is truly ideal for both traditional and modern homes.

The Slim line


Fireplaces are not just for living areas, for they can also look great in the kitchen when installed properly. This design is another example of our slim-line feature.

In this particular kitchen, the homeowners opted to place it in the middle to serve as a partition piece for the kitchen and the dining area. It is set to be open on all three sides, providing warmth from all angles.

Neat and Simple


If you’re not keen on having huge fireplaces, or maybe your space just can’t afford to house one, then this minimal piece is definitely for you. The sculptured façade and sleek lines of this fireplace were well-integrated into the wall, allowing an elegant curved finish. It’s neat and simple, without being too boring.

Design Fusion


The ultimate of saving space is by fusing two units in one area. With this design, the seemingly floating fireplace was combined with a bespoke television recess (with heat protection) in order to create a multi-functional area.

If functionality and style are what you’re looking for: consider these stunning luxury fireplaces for your next home renovation! Contact Modus Fireplaces and speak to a design consultant to see how we can create these centrepiece fireplaces in your home.

14th August 2018

Ideal Fireplaces For Stylishly Small Rooms


So you have decided to get a fireplace. You’ve made your choice and picked the spot where you want it installed. The next step is to contact an installer and have it installed.

Easy right? 

Wrong. While contacting a fireplace installer is a step in the right direction, not all installers are created equal.

So how do you determine if the installer you hired is the right one? Just ask them these simple questions to find out how qualified they are to install your fireplace.

Are you certified by the NFI?

Are you certified by the NFI

Ask your installer if they are National Fireplace Institute (NFI) certified. Having a license to install a fireplace is simply not enough of a credential to be even acceptable.

An NFI certification guarantees you that the installer you hired is qualified to install the particular designer fireplaces that you have. NFI certificate holders are certified based on their very high skill level and proficiency at installing any one of the three major kinds of fireplaces, namely, gas-fired, wood-burning and pellet fireplaces.

An NFI certified fireplace installer is at the top of the heap and is the only guarantee that you are getting the best installation service available.

How much does installation cost?

How much does installation cost

Ask for a comprehensive costing for the installation. There are many things to consider when installing a fireplace. Vents, labour, work duration, etc. must all be considered before actual work starts. Your installer must be able to give you costs in detail depending on the complexity of the installation so that there will be no unforeseen charges after the installation.

Are you familiar with local building codes?

Are you familiar with local building codes

Ask your installer if he or she is familiar with local building codes pertaining to fireplace installation.  As much as we want our fireplace installation to happen in a jiffy, there are rules and local restrictions that have to be complied with before that happens.

Ask your installer if he or she is familiar with them so that your fireplace installation goes without a hitch and spare you the trouble of having your installation stopped or worse pay expensive fines.

Are you experienced in installing designer fireplaces?

Are you experienced in installing designer fireplaces

Finally, ask your installer if he or she is experienced or qualified to install your particular fireplace.  Like your installer, the particular fireplace you have comes in different kinds. It is important to note that your installer is knowledgeable with your particular fireplace to ensure that it is installed correctly and that no problems will occur post-installation.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing luxury fireplaces is only the first step. Having them installed is another story. Make sure to double-check your installer before jumping into the deal.


Contact Modus Fireplaces and speak to a consultant to see how we can help to install a centrepiece fireplace in your home.

31st July 2018

Essential Questions You Need to Ask Your Fireplace Installer

These bespoke fireplaces transcend function. Now, a lot of homeowners aim for more than just warm glow and radiance; a lot of them are now looking for modern styles, limitless design, and world-class function. They require cutting-edge performance, featuring superior technology and elegant outlines. Our linear line of bespoke gas fires offers a combination of design and purpose, transforming mere blank walls into striking masterpieces.

Bespoke fireplace for your home

bespoke linear fireplace

Custom fireplaces come with the capability to choose, that’s why we have numerous distinct Linear line designs. Whether you want a sleek modern fireplace or a traditional mantle, our linear gas fires can enhance any space. Start creating your own bespoke fireplace by choosing from one of these designs:

Three-Sided Design: A modern three-sided fireplace presents beauty from every angle. Although linear fireplaces have a flat view, it transforms into a compelling, three-dimensional experience.

Front-Facing Design: A conventional, front-facing fireplace offers a seamless blend of convenience and timeless beauty. Each model in our front-facing fireplace collection blends beautifully with any surrounding architecture and décor. If you want, you could also go for a streamlined design to display a modern ambiance or encase your gas fireplace in a mantle to create a classy appeal.

Corner Fireplaces: The corners of your house offer the biggest possibilities to transform the ordinary. Our impeccably designed corner fireplaces capture attention and draw focus to any space.

The Tunnel: Do you want to spread warmth and radiance on both sides of a wall? Tunnel fireplaces transform a solid wall into a dynamic and entertaining viewing experience. Bespoke tunnel fireplaces are the ideal way to break an open space, offering more depth and dimension.

The advantages of our bespoke fireplaces:

luxury bespoke gas fire

Our dedication to innovative design doesn’t end with the styles of our fireplace units. We also render each one of our models with state-of-the-art technology to give you a modern unit you truly deserve.

  1. Our advanced wall cooling technology ensures that the walls surrounding the fireplace remain cool. This means you can easily place décors, art pieces, electronics, and even some sensitive materials next to or above the fireplace unit without having to worry about damaging them.
  2. The vent system allows you to place your bespoke fireplace anywhere in your home. Our designs are able to release air up to 110 ft from the unit. This gives you the liberty to experience the warmth of your fireplace wherever and whenever you desire.

elegant bespoke fireplace

III. Our designs offer artistic accessories and interiors that let you customize the look and feel of your fireplace— it’s bespoke, after all. You can choose from a range of design options from clay logs to ceramic stones to striking coloured glass. You can even include interior lighting and integrate luxury materials to add character and personal touch to your fireplace unit.

Bespoke fireplaces are not just about static beauty. They offer style, function, and comfort all while pushing the limits of fireplace design. Exhibit your creativity by opting for our bespoke linear fireplace!

Contact us today to get the ball rolling on a gorgeous, bespoke fireplace for your home. Or take a look at our other ranges, including double-sided fireplaceshanging fireplaceswall fires, and more!


25th July 2018

Why Choose a Bespoke Linear Fireplace?

What could be better than enjoying a beautiful fire during the cold days of winter? However, when you’re living in small-spaced homes or in compact apartments, having a traditional wood-burning fireplace installed could have major setbacks. This is where modern fireplaces come into play.

Now, how about you cosy up next to a ventless hearth? A flueless ethanol-fuelled fireplace allows you to enjoy the warmth and ambience provided by traditional fireplaces plus giving you tons of options in terms of style and aesthetics, minus of course the required upkeep of wood-burning units and the masonry involved in installing chimneys.

However, before jumping right in, understand first the pros and cons of owning a ventless unit so you can decide for yourself whether or not a ventless ethanol fireplace is ideal for your home or apartment.

ethanol modern fireplaces

The Upside

If traditional wood-burning fireplaces remind you of your childhood or that you simply love them, ethanol-fuelled modern fireplaces will give you authentic-looking flames and the ambience you have been craving, without the odour, soot and smoke often associated with wood-burning ones.

Additionally, these units are cleaner and much simpler to operate. In fact, you only need to fill the burning with liquid ethanol and then turn it on.

The following are the benefits of acquiring such unit:

  • Does not require a chimney. As its name implies, these units do not require venting. So you do not have to re-structure your home just so you could have a fireplace installed. This also allows you massive saving on masonry, which you could put to good use.
  • Portability. Yes, these units are very portable. They can be placed anywhere in your home, from the master bedroom to the kitchen to even the bathroom. You can even have an outdoor fireplace. The possibilities are basically endless.
  • Space-saver. You don’t have a lot of floor space. This is pretty common, especially for apartment-dwellers. Don’t worry. You can mount these units on the wall or opt for a table-top fireplace, which will not eat up any precious square footage in your home.

ethanol modern fireplaces

The Downside

Of course, when there are upsides, there are downsides as well. Ethanol-fuelled fireplaces do not produce a lot of heat. That’s why they are more ideal as a supplementary heat source.

Additionally, a number of companies that manufacture decorative appliances claim that these units are eco-friendly and are deemed safe for residential use. However, according to a recent study, ethanol units could still pollute indoor air. In liquid form, ethanol fuel is also highly combustible.

As the fire sucks in oxygen, it then emits carbon dioxide and trace amounts of other combustible particles to the room. When inhaled, these could penetrate deeply into the lungs. Repeated exposure to these harmful particles and other pollutants could cause severe health issues, as reported by a recent study conducted by Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research.

ethanol modern fireplaces

How to Safely Use Ethanol-Fuelled Fireplaces

Despite the downsides, there are still safe ways to use an ethanol unit for your home.

  • Do not use these units in tightly sealed rooms or small indoor spaces without proper ventilation.
  • Install a carbon monoxide detector near the fireplace and ensure windows are open or there is proper flow of natural air.
  • Ensure to purchase a high-quality unit with a UL certification.
  • Do not substitute. Make sure the fuel you use was created exactly for your appliance.
  • Never touch the unit while it is operational. Wait until the unit has cooled down before moving it.

Summing up

So should you cosy up next to ventless ethanol-fuelled modern fireplaces? Weigh the pros and cons first before finalising your decision.

But to answer your question—are they safe for small home and compact apartments? The simple answer is yes. They are as long as there is proper ventilation and you follow the safe and proper use of the appliance.

8th June 2018

Are Ethanol-Fuelled Modern Fireplaces Safe for Compact Apartments and Small Homes

Double-sided contemporary fireplaces are excellent companions during the winter season wherein you’re faced to deal with the cold, day in and day out, especially when you’re living in a predominantly winterish location, and the idea of extra warmth is a need.

But surely you’ve wondered why the concept of having a double- or triple-sided fireplace became so popular.

Fortunately, this article details the advantages that made it so appealing to today’s homeowners. Included also are its disadvantages and a few tips and tricks when it comes to installation and design.

Double-Sided Fireplace: Beyond Efficiency

double-sided contemporary fireplaces

For thousands of years, dating back to our ancestors, fireplaces have been around, which were mainly used for cooking and a relief from the uncomfortably frigid temperatures.

Then, the age-old fireplace and chimney evolved into more sophisticated ones, acting as the home’s focal point, a symbol where family members gather to stay warm during the cold winter night, sharing stories of their day.

Eventually, as technology improved, so did fireplaces. They have become a trademark for interior design and are considered a home’s luxurious showstopper.

One of these showstoppers is the double-sided contemporary fireplaces. This relatively new and efficient fireplace trend gained rapid popularity for two reasons—less costly and tricky to install and doesn’t require a second chimney or an extra fuel.

Basically, this single fireplace can open up as well as heat up two adjacent rooms.

Double-Sided Fireplaces: Advantages and Disadvantages

double-sided contemporary fireplaces

There are convincing reasons why double-sided fireplaces have conquered the hearts of homeowners worldwide. Those reasons include the following:

  • As a two-way unit, its main function is to heat two spaces at the same time, allowing the homeowner to cut down on heating costs by about 50%.
  • As a stunning focal point, it breaks up a large spacious room, often an open plan architectural design, securing the undistributed flow of light to both spaces despite the partition.
  • In terms of practicality, this unit distributes enough heat and warmth to both rooms at the same time, one of the strongest reasons why homeowners prefer this fireplace type. It allows them huge energy and cost savings.

However, not everything about this particular unit is perfect. Below are some of the drawbacks of owning a double-sided unit.

  • Although heating two rooms at the same time sounds appealing, you cannot solely rely on this unit as the only dominant source of warmth, especially for very large areas.
  • Maintenance will not be as easier as well. You will still devote enough time and attention to keeping your unit fully functional.
  • There is a possibility that a double-sided fireplace could smoke not just one room but two rooms, assuming it is not the closed type or the entire floor for open-plan designs. However, this problem could be remedied by enclosing the fireplace.

Closing Thoughts on Acquiring a Double-Sided Unit

double-sided contemporary fireplaces

You have to agree that a fireplace is a charming addition to your home. So why not double this effect?

Double-sided contemporary fireplaces will instantly boost not only the positive atmosphere of your home but also its resale value. If you plan on selling on your house in the future, why not acquire something that potential homebuyers could appreciate.

In fact, when evaluating houses, it turns out that it is estimated that homes with double-sided units are priced approximately 12% higher compared with home with no fireplaces.

Other than financial advantages, there are other reasons to get your own double-sided fireplace. Not only will you be able to warm up two adjacent rooms at the same time, but also you’ll have a focal element that every family member will definitely love.

The welcoming ambience and homey feeling these fireplaces evoke are among the reasons that convinced homeowners worldwide to install a unit in their homes, especially in places where heating is a major priority, for long time periods.

1st June 2018

Double-Sided Contemporary Fireplaces: Not Just Efficient But Also Attractive

A fireplace is a necessary fixture, especially during the cold months. For those of us who are still using traditional fireplaces, you know how much work goes into these things from gathering logs, to chopping them to size.

All that work just to build one fire. Not to mention that you have to keep your fireplace in perfect working condition every time. Not doing so renders it inefficient, wasting precious heat and releasing dangerous gases into the home.

If you are one of those who feel that a traditional fireplace is too much work, then electric designer fireplaces or inserts are just for you.

But what is an electric fireplace and how does it work? 

How Do They Work?

electric designer fireplaces

Just like any electrical appliance, an electric fireplace is a device that plugs into your electrical outlet to produce heat. Inside an electric fireplace are coils that produce the actual heat when plugged into an electrical outlet.

The Blower

Aside from the heating element, there is also an electric blower that forces the heat outward into your room. The fan itself is very quiet, so you won’t even know it is running.

This is a very efficient setup since all of the hot air is pushed toward your room. No heat is wasted, and no ashes or harmful gases are produced. An electric fireplace is also cool to the touch thanks to the built-in double glass cover.

Realistic-Looking Flames

electric designer fireplaces

Electric designer fireplaces also produce realistic flames that will give you the impression that you are in front of a traditional log fireplace. These flames are produced by a regular light bulb refracted in a three-dimensional pattern in no specific order to give that authentic flickering flame illusion.

Supplementary Heating and Portability

An electric fireplace is also not meant to heat up the entire house. It does well in heating up specific rooms with limited area thus making it ultra-economical. This particular fireplace is also portable. It can be transferred from room to room depending on which room is being used at the moment.

All that is needed is an electrical outlet where it can be plugged.

electric designer fireplaces

Summing up

So the next time the cold months start to roll in, think about using electric designer fireplaces. You can start enjoying the heat without all the lengthy preparations of a traditional one.


Contact Modus Fireplaces to see if an electric fireplace can suit your home and make it the focal point of your living space.

25th May 2018

Electric Designer Fireplaces: How Do They Function?

If you’re considering possibly investing in a bioethanol fireplace or adding one to your home, then you certainly are making a smart move. These contemporary fireplaces are a fantastic alternative to the traditional wood-burning units for a number of reasons.

But before taking the plunge, it is important to be well-informed with its advantages and disadvantages associated with acquiring one. Fortunately for you, this article address just that.

contemporary fireplaces

So let’s explore further the most common pros and cons of a bioethanol unit.

The Advantages

There are a number of reasons why you will love ethanol contemporary fireplaces. But this doesn’t entirely mean these units are the right fit for you. On the other hand, they could be more than right for you than you have ever imagined.

  • No chimney or venting is required. These fireplaces do not require any form of venting they burn clean. This gives you an incredible amount of freedom when it comes to placement options.
  • Clean burning. This fireplace doesn’t emit any harmful toxins into the air, making ethanol an ideal fireplace for your family, especially with your kids. It is highly safe for pets, people and of course the environment.
  • No mess, no fuss. Yes, you read that right. There is NO mess to worry and clean up. Despite traditional wood-burning fireplaces being stunningly gorgeous in their own rights, they do come with a lot of upkeep. Fortunately, ethanol fireplaces do not since these units burn clean and leave nothing behind. Additionally, these units don’t give off smoke or smell, which prompts you to sometimes leave the room.
  • Simple and easy to use. You don’t need to chop up wood, haul them and stock them up for the cold winter season. You don’t need to fight in order to light your hearth.
  • Easy fuel storage. Bioethanol fuel doesn’t attract bugs, unlike wood. So it can be easily stored away.
  • Eco-friendly. Since ethanol is a renewable energy source, not only are you helping cut down demand for fossil fuel but also you’re doing your part in keeping harmful chemicals out of the planet’s atmosphere.
  • These units do not require to be hooked to gas lines or electricity since the fuel comes in containers, which can easily be transported. You can just as easily redecorate your home and re-position your fireplace from time to time.
  • Realistic flames. Don’t worry. Ethanol fireplaces put out a great flame show that will leave you in awe, minus all the cleaning and required upkeep.
  • Safe for people with breathing ailments. If a member of your household has asthma or some form of respiratory distress or any breathing problems who have avoided traditional wood-burning units for some time, then bioethanol fireplaces are ideal for them since these units do not emit anything into the air. They’re practically safe for everyone.
  • No loss of heat. Since a chimney or any other form of venting is required, heat cannot escape, allowing you to completely enjoy the residual heat given off by the fireplace.
  • Ideal for a power outage. Depending on the size of your fireplace, it could be used as a source of light in the event of a power outage and also as a heat source. Just remember that the larger the fireplace, the higher the heat output.

contemporary fireplaces

The Disadvantages

Where there are advantages, disadvantages are just right behind. Despite the many perks of acquiring a bioethanol unit, it still comes with a few minor disadvantages.

  • Need oxygen to burn. Yes, bioethanol fireplaces are oxygen eaters. So if you have a small-spaced room, take heed. Ensure that there is proper ventilation, and there’s fresh air that goes into the room from time to time. You definitely need to replace that oxygen.
  • Not ideal as a primary heat source. Although they do provide some heat, these units are not recommended as a primary source of heat.
  • The fuel and fireplace could be expensive. Prices for bioethanol fuel haven’t gone down, so if you burn a lot, be prepared for the extra cost.
  • Although wall-mounted fireplaces are amazing, you need to secure that there is a barrier between the wall where the fireplace will be mounted and the fireplace itself.
  • Liquid bioethanol is fatal. Despite bioethanol being safe, its liquid form should be stored properly. Keep it out of reach of children because drinking liquid bioethanol could be fatal. So store properly.

contemporary fireplaces

Final Thoughts

You can clearly see that the benefits of owning a bioethanol unit outweigh the cons, since in most cases they are common sense, though we had to make sure you are aware of them. By making an informed decision, the chances of making a remorseful purchase are lessened.

But then it is you who has to make the final decision, whether or not to invest in bioethanol contemporary fireplaces or not.

18th May 2018

Bioethanol Contemporary Fireplaces: A Smart Addition to Your Home