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How Modern Designer Fireplaces Can Improve Your Life

Bespoke Fireplaces
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Why install a gas fireplace? Well, there’s plenty of reasons for that. Not only are they cosy, but also they are efficient and beautiful. However, there’s more to modern designer fireplaces than just charm and warmth. Today, you can own an efficient, stylish, smart and fully customisable fireplace. Check out these surprising benefits why modern fireplaces […]

Helpful Tips in Buying Gas Bespoke Fireplaces

Bespoke Fireplaces
bespoke fireplaces - modern fireplaces - wall fire

So you’ve decided to finally get your own gas fireplace. However, there are thousands of available bespoke fireplaces on the market today that offer infinite styles and designs, from low-heat decorative models to stylish ones. Whether you’re renovating your existing hearth or building a new one, having your own gas fireplace not only significantly increases […]

13 Reasons Why You Need to Invest in Electric Designer Fireplaces

Bespoke Fireplaces
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In the past, traditional wood-burning fireplaces or natural gas types are not precisely practical, since they present quite a few challenges, from cost to complicated logistics installation. Not to mention the regular upkeep of a wood-burning hearth. That’s why electric designer fireplaces have become an appealing alternative for a growing number of homeowners. Technological advancements […]