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10 Contemporary Gas Fireplace Design Ideas

Open concept gas fire - wall fire - modern fireplaces - wall fire

When looking for a new home, there is always a list of must-haves for new homeowners. Most people worry about the kind of neighbourhood the house is located at, the structure of the property, how many bedrooms it has, and a whole lot more. For some, having a fireplace is one of their must-haves when […]

Pros and Cons of Double Sided Fireplaces

Advantages and Disadvantages of Double-Sided Fireplace - modern fireplaces

Modern fireplaces are the perfect centrepiece in large, contemporary homes, and among all types of fireplaces, double-sided designs are one of the most popular. Apart from being a fabulous designer feature, double-sided fireplaces are also a great way to break up space while sustaining visual and light flow between two areas. However, like most things […]

10 Stunning Open Fireplace Design Ideas For Your Home

Modern Fireplaces
10 Open Gas Fireplaces

If you’re looking for bespoke fireplace designs that would look great in your home and is also made of high quality, let these open fireplace ideas inspire your next home renovation. These stunning pieces will definitely provide warmth and comfort to your whole family whilst looking like a piece of contemporary art. Here are some […]