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Things to Consider When Building an Outdoor Modern Gas Fires

size outdoor modern gas fires

Outdoor modern gas fires can be a cool addition to any home. Countless hours of relaxing enjoyment can be spent on this focal point of any dwelling. So it only makes sense to plan properly for an outdoor fireplace if you decide to build one. The first thing to consider is the location of your […]

Bespoke Fireplaces For The Stylish Homes


Sometimes you just need some a little something to complete your home interior. For some homeowners, it might be a towering bookshelf, a highly-advanced media set, or maybe a beautiful fireplace that was custom-made to fit perfectly within the area. Check out these bespoke fireplace designs that won’t overpower the rest of your scheme but […]

Modern Gas Fires With Luxurious Designs

Three-sided Gas Fire

If you’re looking for a contemporary fireplace with luxurious details and design that would seamlessly fit your home setting, then you’ve come to the right place! Here are some of our modern gas fires that will surely suit your taste. These can also be customized to perfectly achieve the style that you want. Browse through […]

Minimalist Fireplaces To Choose From

4Touches of Wood

If you’re looking for fireplace designs that does not only look great, but is also of high quality, then let these contemporary and minimalist designed fireplaces inspire your next home renovation. These design pieces allows your family and friends to feel warm and comfy whilst looking like a piece of modern art. Here are some modern gas […]

Custom-made Fireplace As Home Centrepiece

2The Entertainment Space

Bless your home with comforting warmth and stunning centrepiece by obtaining custom-made fireplaces. These designs offer style statement in your property without going too overboard with the layout. Here are some fireplaces ideas that will surely fit your current home scheme. From stylishly simple to contemporary designs, these fireplaces will leave you wanting to get […]

Fireplaces As Modern Home Centrepiece

The Leather-base

Change is definitely good, especially when it comes to interior home design. Fireplaces, being one of the most popular centrepieces of all time, are also evolving into something more than just a simple hole in the wall. So if you want your home centrepiece to be fully functional aside from looking good, definitely check out […]