Modus Fireplaces

Modern Fireplaces For The Contemporary Homes

4The multi-functional Piece

Fireplaces have become an integral part to some home owners’ daily lives, especially those who find comfort in being near the warmth it emits. May it be for stylish or practical reasons; this particular unit can definitely increase the overall look of your abode. So we’ve collected some of the most stylish and practical gas […]

Luxury Fireplaces To Complete Your Home Scheme

For The Dining Area

Nowadays, there are already quite a lot of home centrepieces to choose from. But still, nothing can compare to the beauty, luxury, and high functionality that only quality fireplaces can offer. From the luxuriant designs and comfy warmth they emit; this functional and stylish unit is truly a work of masterpiece. You can always opt […]

Elegant Designs For Modern Fireplaces

Neat & Sleek Design

If you’re looking for contemporary fireplaces that would best fit your home scheme, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of our highly efficient gas fires that can certainly be altered to suit your preference and liking. Be inspired with these elegantly designed modern fireplaces: The Minimal Piece This double sided gas […]

Contemporary Designed Fireplaces

The Homely Feel

To those home owners wanting to obtain an ultra-modish fireplace that offers both comfort and high-quality function; go for a custom-made piece that could be installed precisely within your specified style and measurements. It’s true that they may cost you much more than the generic designs you usually see in the market, but they’re definitely […]

Modern Gas Fires For Your Home


Some home owners feel the need to integrate the very best detailing in their home. Some would even opt to get a customized fireplace just to get the style they really want, with specific dimensions up to the last details. So if you have been wanting to acquire a modern fireplace that would perfectly fit […]

Best Designs For Modern Gas Fires

Touch of Luxury

Discovering homes with modern layouts are really quite amazing, especially when home owners also integrated a modern fireplace design that’s both practical and contemporary. Aside from their function, gas fires are really a genuine treasure to carry on for decades. Here are some of the best gas fires you should install in your modern home: […]