29th November 2017

Advantages & Disadvantages of a Hanging Gas Fireplace

A hanging fireplace, also known as a suspended fireplace, has grown significantly in popularity and demand. Nearly 70% of fireplace products currently use either propane or natural gas as their fuel.

The efficiency of utilising gas fireplaces plays no small role in that growing demand. Why? Instead of chopping wood, building fires and cleaning up ash, homeowners can now instantly enjoy warmth and comfort by merely pressing a button.

If you’re still trying to determine whether a gas fireplace works for your home, here’s a little more information to help you decide.

Fireplaces were often featured within the corner of rooms, but things have changed, and fireplaces are taking centre stage, especially hanging ones!

Hanging gas fireplaces provide warmth and are visually appealing wherever they’re placed. The design of these fireplaces is unlike any other, it captures the attention of anyone walking into a room, making a showstopping piece to add to rooms.

For hosting special occasions, a hanging gas fireplace allows you to enjoy the company of friends and loved ones whilst overlooking the beautiful flames.

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There are many types of hanging fireplaces to choose from, all customisable and created to fit the specific room you’d like hanging your fireplace.

Ceiling Hanging Gas Fireplace

Ceilings are often forgotten about when it comes to installing fireplaces, they receive little attention and are used for installing ceiling fans or chandeliers.  However, a ceiling hung fireplace creates a warmth and ambient atmosphere which can transform a specific space within a home.

Hanging Fireplace

Wall Hanging Gas Fireplace

Wall hanging fireplaces go hand in hand with ceiling hanging ones, as they both cover the full height of the room. However, wall hanging fireplaces are positioned against the wall, being less of a focal point within a room as it’s not positioned within the centre. 

This type of fireplace is ideal for homeowners who want a traditional fireplace combined with a modern twist. Wall hanging fireplaces have a generous gap in between the wall and the floor to allow heat to escape through to the room, where homeowners can feel the warmth from all corners. 

Hanging Electric Fireplaces

Hanging electric fireplaces have become a better alternative to traditional fireplaces. Maintaining wood burning & natural gas models pose challenges. Electric fireplaces have become more enticing for homeowners as they’re more affordable and convenient.  

They’re also low maintenance, as you don’t have to clean up any ash or chop any wood. This also makes a hanging electric fireplace easy to install, as long as there’s a power outlet there, you’ll be good to go!

Hanging Bio Ethanol Fireplaces

Bio Ethanol fireplaces are another type of fireplace that is growing in popularity, mainly because they’re easy to install and perfect for modern homes. These fireplaces can be customisable, such as adding a hanging feature.

It’s important to make sure the right sized burner is used within each room to help with ventilation as well as based on the specifications of the room. Bio Ethanol fireplaces do omit a lot of heat which is why adding a hanging element allows you to have space between the fireplace and floor to release heat to different areas of the room.

How to Maintain a Hanging Gas Fireplace?

Hanging fireplaces require consistent upkeep. Regularly inspecting your hanging gas fireplace is important so you remove any soot and debris coming from the fireplace. Take a closer look for any indications of cracks and loose components that may need repairs or further maintenance. 

Every 6-12 months examine the chimney (depending on the type of hanging fireplace) to ensure it’s clear and unobstructed. If you notice a change in output then you could have a blockage within the chimney. Contact us directly and we will be on hand to help you get your fireplace working again!

Hanging fireplace design

Advantages of Hanging Gas Fireplaces:

Hanging gas fire

Realistic Fires

Even if you’re not chopping up logs to light up a flame, that doesn’t mean your fireplace won’t look like you have been. These days, ceramic gas logs have been developed to look like the real thing. In fact, a lot of them are even hand-painted and hand-made to seem realistic! After all, you don’t need to sacrifice aesthetics for function.

Instant Warmth and Ambience

One can never oversell the convenience that gas fires have to offer. Since almost all of us have busy lifestyles, the practicality of hanging gas fireplaces plays a significant role in many homeowners. Nowadays, manufacturers have also added plenty of other features including timers and remote controls that regulate the heat levels, as well as fans and blowers that circulate more heat all throughout the room. Pretty convenient, right?

Wider Options To Choose From

There are a lot of things you need to consider when you’re installing a wood-burning fireplace, from the chimney to the cement footing that holds it in place. With gas fireplace designs, you have more flexibility. Vent-free gas fire units don’t even need a traditional chimney! Chimney experts can help you better understand the options that might work best for your home, so be sure to consult one before installing.

Disadvantages of Hanging Gas Fireplaces:

Having To Buy Fuel

Homeowners in forested areas often use fallen wood to fire their wood-burning fireplaces for free. However, with a gas fireplace, you don’t get to do this anymore. So if you love the smell of burning wood, you’ll surely miss it.

In the end, it’s only a matter of personal preference. Some people can’t get enough of the aroma that burnt wood produces, while others hate it.

How much does it Cost to Install a Hanging Fireplace?

Minimal design for hanging fireplace

The ability of gas fireplace to burn clean and green all depends on proper installation, routine maintenance, and how you use it on a daily basis. To do so, you will need to hire a professional to service your gas fireplace annually, as they will be the one to inspect the fan, the burner, the pilot light, the venting, as well as the thermostat.

So if you’re looking for hanging fireplace designs that offer high-quality performance, there are options out there that will definitely meet your standards. Good news is, you don’t need to search far and wide since we have a wide selection of designs for you to choose from!

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