25th April 2017

Unique and Modern Fireplaces That Will Complete Your Home

Tons of homeowners are now interested on incorporating various centerpieces for their respective homes. What better way to fulfill this wish than mounting a stunningly unique fireplace that will certainly suit the style and function of your home.

Here are some of the exceptional pieces to choose from our wide collection of contemporary fireplaces!

Sophisticatedly Dark

Sophisticated and Dark Luxury Fireplace

This distinctive fireplace was customized to fit right between the floors and ceiling. The remarkable blue-steel fascia definitely offers an exquisite three-dimensional depth to the whole piece, and the rare blend of materials gives this particular piece an obvious luxury vibe.

Elegant and Chic

Elegant and Chic Modern Gas Fires

If ultra-modish centerpieces are not your thing, take this design into deep consideration. It’s simple yet truly elegant in every way with its ceiling-hung canopy, allowing an enchanting feature to the dancing flames. It can also be altered into other materials and sizes depending on client’s request.


The Double-Sided Fireplace

If you own a space that isn’t quite spacious enough to support a massive fireplace, then go for this double-sided fireplace instead. These pieces look genuinely contemporary and can also be easily fitted into any home interior. It proficiently offers comfort and warmth in all hours of the day, and is entirely controlled via remote.


Three-Level Contemporary Fireplace Design

To completely mesmerize and offer your guests something to behold, go for an outstanding centerpiece such as this one. Avoid conventional designs whenever you can and help create your own statement design that would best suit your personality. You’ll surely amaze people when they see this three-level fireplace just hanging around your home.

The Abstract Design

The Abstract Fireplace Design

If you’re looking for an exceptionally eye-catching fireplace, maybe this distinctive design is the perfect one for your home.

This design was brilliantly engineered by making use of a particular method where the gases run through the arching hood, and moving them underground until it is completely expelled outside with the help of a well-designed extraction system.


The Sliding Wall

This design was custom-made as per the client’s measurements and requirements.

They needed to have a media wall accompanied by a remarkable fireplace situated just below the television. This was also tailored to hide away the media section when not in use. With a simple click of a button, the panel right above the fireplace glides through to reveal what’s inside.

Get inspired by these unique fireplaces!

If you’re interested in a truly unique fireplace for your home, head to our bespoke fireplaces page to see how we can tailor our services to your home’s needs. You can be the owner of a one-of-a-kind fireplace which is a massive value-add for your home. Contact us today to speak with one of our Design Consultants and we can field any questions you may have, and get the ball rolling!

Contact Modus Fireplaces and speak to a design consultant to see how we can create one of these centrepiece fireplaces in your home.