8th December 2016

Custom-Built Gas Fireplaces For Your Home

Our highly efficient gas fire collections offer maximum heat efficiency and high heat output, with revolutionary modern design.

Bespoke ornamental elements can also be added to further enhance the designs such as finishing trims and custom-made panels. Here are some of the custom-built gas fires for your own space!


The Luxury Feature

This particular design was made to fit the entire wall, making it the perfect focal point. Beautiful bronze side panels were also added to boost the luxurious feel to this already fabulous place.


Black & White

Monochrome pieces are always a good idea when you want to keep things neat and orderly. This fireplace is fully enclosed in glass, which makes the heat radiate back into the room.

It also has different flame settings that can be controlled with a remote control; the flames can be stretched to cover the entire width of the design, and can also be focused in the middle if you want to reduce the heat output.


Three-sided Fireplace

This one is a great way to split up space, while providing a unique feature to the room. It also allows people to enjoy the warmth emitted by the fireplace in all angles. It’s perfect for homeowners who like to lounge around their receiving area.


Double-Sided Fireplace

Gas fires can also be made into this unique double-sided piece, creating a wonderful centrepiece. This one merges functional design with heat efficiency. Custom-built to fit the room height, this specific design also doubles as a subtle room division.


Sleek and Simple Fireplace

If you’re not a fan of huge fireplaces, then this style is definitely for you. The sleek lines and sculptured facade of this piece was well-integrated into the wall, offering a stunningly elegant curved finish. It’s simple, without being boring.


Hole In The Wall Fireplace

For a more traditional approach, opt for a hole in the wall fireplace. You have the choice to make it look more contemporary by modifying the materials to be used, or you could just stick to this design for that cozy feel.

Custom-built pieces are always the perfect way to go, in order to achieve that one piece that would seamlessly fit your entire space!

Contact Modus Fireplaces and speak to a design consultant to see how we can create one of these centrepiece fireplaces in your home.