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New partnership with FCI London

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We are very proud to announce our new partnership with FCI London, one of the largest contemporary furniture showrooms in the UK, displaying the most exclusive quality pieces from the world’s most exclusive quality designers. Working alongside FCI we designed, manufactured and installed three beautiful, bespoke gas fireplaces to be placed in their newly expanded […]

Which type of fireplace should you buy? Gas vs. wood vs. bioethanol vs. electric

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Small Hole in the Wall Fireplace

When deciding on a new fireplace, one of the first and biggest decisions you need to make is what type of fuel you want the fireplace to use. There are many choices out there for your fireplace but gas, wood, bioethanol and electric are the main ones. We have broken down each fuel type to […]

Modern Bespoke Fireplaces That Fit Your Taste

Bespoke Fireplaces
Circular hanging fireplace - wood fireplace

  Gone are the days when manufacturers only offered one-size-fits-all mantle and hearths. Thanks to technological advancements, today’s bespoke fireplaces are made to suit almost every personality or taste. In fact, you can even request for a personalised one that perfectly satisfies your aesthetic sensibilities. Below is a list of style suggestions when it comes […]

Understanding How Direct Vent Bespoke Fireplaces Work

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The Glass Cover - hanging fireplace - wall fire - modern fireplaces

  A direct vent fireplace is another breakthrough in modern bespoke fireplaces. It functions like a traditional log burning fireplace but with a modern twist. With a traditional fireplace, you have an open firebox where all the burning happens and a chimney where all the bad stuff like smoke and particulates go out. A traditional […]