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Propane Bespoke Fireplaces: The Economical Fuel for Your Home

propane bespoke fireplaces - modern fireplaces

For centuries, bespoke fireplaces have kept us warm and cosy during those long, cold nights. In fact, we’ve shared our favourite stories in front of a beautiful roaring fire. However, traditional wood-burning hearths could sometimes prove to be challenging in terms of installation and upkeep. Fortunately, thanks to innovation, you can now have a comfortable […]

15 Bespoke Fireplaces With Modern Designs

designer fireplaces - wall fire - modern fireplaces

Do you feel like the fireplace in your home does not fit your style and personality? Are you thinking of having a prefabricated fireplace unit installed but are concerned that it might look too standard and plain? No matter what your concerns may be, there is a perfect solution for that: Bespoke fireplace designs. Bespoke […]

How To Properly Clean Your Gas Fireplace

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Gas fireplaces don’t have to contend with ash, wood, and the overall mess caused by wood-burning hearths, so they are much simpler to clean and maintain. However, nasty things like dust and dirt can eventually build up and clog the ports of your fireplace unit. The wire connections of your gas fireplace can also become […]

Advantages of Choosing Corner Fireplaces

3Stylish Space Divider

Corner fireplaces are among the most versatile of all fireplace designs. In truth, having a modern gas fireplace positioned at a corner brings distinct advantages as it can be installed into compact or small spaces, and the angular, three-dimensional layout of this design also adds visual interest to any room. Learn more about the advantages […]

Design Ideas For Modern Gas Fires

Open concept gas fire - wall fire - modern fireplaces - wall fire

Fireplaces can be a marvellous component to any home settings. With modern design elements gaining popularity, determining the ideal fireplace for your home that would not only fit your budget range but would also blend perfectly into your décor is now completely possible. However, with so many designs to choose from, determining the right one […]

5 Bespoke Fireplace Designs to Try at Home

Minimal design for gas fireplace - modern fireplaces

A lot of homeowners fell in love with the beauty and function of fireplaces that warm their cold nights. However, some of them now want to veer away from the traditional designs, and instead opt for the newer modern layouts to incorporate into their stylish and contemporary homes. If you’re one of those people, then […]