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Natural Gas vs Propane Outdoor Modern Fireplaces

Modern Fireplaces
Open Fireplace Outdoor - Garden Fireplaces - Modus Fireplaces

  Do you have space in your backyard that you have always wanted to make useful? Why not transform it into an outdoor sitting room? And the perfect centrepiece for it is an outdoor modern fireplace. When choosing an outdoor fireplace, two types fit the bill—propane and natural gas. Both types perform well, and both […]

Modern Bespoke Fireplaces That Fit Your Taste

Bespoke Fireplaces
Circular hanging fireplace - wood burning fireplace - Modus Fireplaces

  Gone are the days when manufacturers only offered one-size-fits-all mantle and hearths. Thanks to technological advancements, today’s bespoke fireplaces are made to suit almost every personality or taste. In fact, you can even request for a personalised one that perfectly satisfies your aesthetic sensibilities. Below is a list of style suggestions when it comes […]

Contemporary Fireplaces Trends for 2019

contemporary fireplaces
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Just a couple of months from now and 2019 will come. And in the interior design world, the creations of different contemporary fireplaces have become ever more popular as most are not just fashionable and fun but they are also created to be environmentally friendly. Here are the growing trends for contemporary fireplaces that will […]

The Bespoke Fireplace Designs That You Need

Bespoke Fireplaces
bespoke fireplaces

In the olden days when bespoke fireplaces were introduced, they had one sole purpose— to provide heat. That was what our ancestors were looking for when they had a fireplace installed in their respective homes. Our great grandfathers built fireplaces because they not only needed warmth but also wanted to create a cosy, warm and […]