Outdoor modern gas fires can be a cool addition to any home. Countless hours of relaxing enjoyment can be spent on this focal point of any dwelling. So it only makes sense to plan properly for an outdoor fireplace if you decide to build one.

The first thing to consider is the location of your outdoor fireplace. Backyards are the usual favourites, but letting your creative side take over for a bit can’t hurt. Go ahead and explore other possibilities. Some people opt to build their modern gas fires on patios or verandas so they can enjoy the view while keeping warm and cosy.

location of modern gas fires

The next thing to consider is how far away from the main house do you want it? This usually depends on what kind of fireplace you want to put in. Is it wood-fired, natural gas-fed, propane gas-fed, etc.? If it will share the same gas line as your home, then you will be limited by the location of your gas line. If it’s a stand-alone or portable setup, then you can practically put it anywhere in your space.

outdoor modern gas fires

Size is also a consideration since more often than not space is not enough. Will you be entertaining guests here? Is it a personal space meant only for you? These are questions you should be asking during planning.

size outdoor modern gas fires

And finally, how do you want your outdoor fireplace to look like?  Do you want a modern look or a more rustic feel perhaps? The number of options available out there is huge, and it all boils down to taste. Go for the finish that will suit your location since your fireplace will be at the mercy of the elements depending on where you live.

modern gas fires

Consider also a finish that will complement the character of your home and your space. You can go for classic, cool, trendy or modern, depending on what is appealing to you. You should also consider if you will require a contractor’s services. For those of who find DIY work a bit of a challenge, there are contractors out there who specialize in modern gas fire builds. They can offer you a quote starting from design to actual construction for a hassle-free build.

So whatever route you take to realize your outdoor fireplace, it is guaranteed to brighten up any space you decide to put it in while adding warmth and that personal touch we all appreciate in a home.