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What You Need to Know When Buying Designer Fireplaces

Bespoke fireplace
designer fireplaces

Buying designer fireplaces involve many things that should be considered, from choices of materials to style options to the size and the type of fuel. A fireplace helps create a cosy atmosphere especially during cold nights, both inside and outside of the home. Additionally, fireplaces could serve as the focal point in a room and […]

Modern Electric Designer Fireplaces to Keep Your Soul Warm

Bespoke fireplace
Modern designer fireplaces

If you’re looking to add an extra cosy touch and uplift the look of your home, yet you’re unwilling to haul firewood or clean a traditional hearth, then you might want to consider a popular alternative—modern electric designer fireplaces. For centuries, the fireplace has served as the grand centrepiece of any living room or den, […]

Top 10 Hottest Bespoke Fireplace Design Trends of 2018

Bespoke fireplace
designer fireplace

If there’s one thing that is consistent throughout the various styles of households, it’s the beautifully designed bespoke fireplace. Not only is the fireplace almost always a significant element in any project, but also it’s a great focal point to any given space, from the kitchen to the bathroom to the master’s bedroom to the […]

15 Bespoke Fireplaces With Modern Designs

designer fireplaces

Do you feel like the fireplace in your home does not fit your style and personality? Are you thinking of having a prefabricated fireplace unit installed but are concerned that it might look too standard and plain? No matter what your concerns may be, there is a perfect solution for that: Bespoke fireplace designs. Bespoke […]

How To Properly Clean Your Gas Fireplace

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Gas fireplaces don’t have to contend with ash, wood, and the overall mess caused by wood-burning hearths, so they are much simpler to clean and maintain. However, nasty things like dust and dirt can eventually build up and clog the ports of your fireplace unit. The wire connections of your gas fireplace can also become […]